Hairdressing Scissors 31970.TK | PROGLINE

Hairdressing Scissors 31970.TK

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  • MODEL: Procut black
  • HOOK / SCREW: fixed hook / Adjustable screw
  • LEFT / RIGHT HAND: Right hand
  • PRODUCT FINISH: Black colored Titanium coated
  • STEEL: 420 type Japanese surgical grade Stainless steel
  • SIZE: 6.5”/ 7.0”
  • CUTTING: Very sharp blades

PROFESSIONAL HAIR DRESSING SCISSORS 31970.TK A model that inspires customers not only with their modern design but also perfect and comfortable grip in hands. Luxury, elegant & amazing, Titanium coated Scissors for an extraordinarily smooth & nice cut. Long cutting life. Gives protection to those with nickel allergy. Ergonomic shapes for the easy, relaxed and perfect cut in all directions. The prefect choice for beauty lovers.


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