Scissors, thanks to which the hairdresser can realize his visions, is the most important tool in his professional work. And like any other – it can wear out quickly with repeated use every day, or it can serve many years in perfect condition. How long will you use them for? First of all, how much you respect them.

How do you make the scissors obey you for as long as possible?

Steel scissors are good as long as they cut a hair perfectly without hurting it. The blade of the scissors is in perfect condition immediately after purchase and care should be taken not to dull it. Sharpening barber scissors is one part of taking care of your tools, but it is absolutely essential to ensure that it does not wear out too quickly and does not require frequent sharpening.

  1. High quality. You don’t always need scissors for a few thousand zlotys, but don’t be under the illusion that the cheapest product will meet your expectations in every respect. Scissors that fit perfectly in the hand, have the right finish and are perfectly sharp are usually the best-quality materials – and they cost money.
  2. Cleaning. How do I clean scissors properly? After each use, wipe the scissors of hair, cosmetics and water residue. For this purpose, they should not be soaked for a long time or using any aggressive cleaning agents. A dry, soft cloth or brush should be more than enough for the daily scissor cleaning ritual.
  3. Hairdressing scissors care. After cleaning, it is worth applying a few drops of a special oil to the blade and rubbing it in, then make a few cuts with scissors. Oiling will extend the life of the blade.
  4. Disinfection. The blade must be disinfected after each haircut. It is advisable to spray with an alcohol-based disinfectant. It is also possible to completely soak them in the disinfection liquid and leave them for a specified time specified in the instructions for use.
  5. Hide when not in use. How to store a barber scissors? Throwing them on a countertop or putting them in a container with other tools can make that the scissors will get damaged, dull or even out of adjustment. It is best to keep them in a special, original case or holster, designed for this purpose.
  6. Do not use them to cut paper. Even if you are tempted to quickly cut a tag or open the package with the scissors you always have at work at your belt, don’t do it. A different texture under the blade may dull the scissors.
  7. Regulating. The scissors have special screws, thanks to which their pressure is regulated. By doing this from time to time, you can be consistently satisfied with the performance of your tools at the highest level.
  8. Sharpening. This should not be done with sharpening tools for kitchen knives! Hairdressing scissors are extremely delicate tools that require special equipment and a skillful approach. When you notice that your cut is not as precise anymore, collect the scissors from your salon and send them to a service facility for sharpening hairdressing tools. They will surely benefit greatly from it!

Careful maintenance of hairdressing scissors should apply not only to the most expensive ones, which you do not want to lose as a result of improper use. Cheaper, but comfortable in everyday work, models can also serve for many years in good condition, provided that you follow these 8 rules of proper care and maintenance from the very first day of their use!